//Wedding decoration hire can save you time and effort

Wedding decoration hire can save you time and effort

Every wedding is personal to the couple involved so each one will have a different look and feel.
When planning your nuptials you may have looked at buying all the decorative touches and details you need to personalise your venue but felt overwhelmed at the cost and hassle involved.

The solution is to hire everything you need and then it can all be returned when the party is over. Here’s a few good reasons to go the wedding decoration hire route rather than buy:

Save space
Once the day is over and everyone’s left the venue, what are you going to do with all the beautiful things you’ve acquired?
You may want to keep some things for sentimental value, but you don’t need twelve birdcages or decorative photo frames cluttering up your home.
You could sell them on, but you’re newlyweds and are probably getting ready to jet off on honeymoon so who wants to spend the time sorting that out?
Hiring instead of buying is the answer.

Avoid over consumption
If you’re economically minded, you may not want to spend money on items that ultimately have no use once your wedding day is over.
Using a wedding decoration hire company means that, once you’re finished with them, another happy couple can use the items for their own special day. What could be better than recycling them to enhance another couple’s day?

Avoid re-gifting issues
When couples buy in their decorations, they sometimes decide that they will re-gift them as wedding favours after the day. While decorative items can be a thoughtful gift, and one that will remind guests of the big day, they may not be practical.
Guests may not share the same tastes as you, or you may not have enough items to go around. Hiring them via a wedding decoration hire company means an instant sidestep of all those issues.

Have you decided that decoration hire is the way to go for your wedding day? Then get in touch with The Fab Gift Boutique and see what we have on offer.
We have some beautiful items for hire including photo frames, lanterns and easels. If we don’t have what you’re looking for then just ask – we can source it for you.

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