//Wedding Decor Goes Green

Wedding Decor Goes Green

Or, to be more precise: greenery is the new wedding decor colour of choice.

Before you start thinking that we’ve lost the plot here at the Fab Gift Boutique let us clarify. We’re referring to the 2107 Pantone colour of the year: Greenery.

Back in 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone’s founder created ‘an innovative system of identifying, matching and communicating colours to solve the problems associated with producing accurate colour matches in the graphic arts community.’ Herbert realised that every individual sees and interprets the spectrum in a different way. It was this insight that led to the development of the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® – a book of standardised colour in fan format.

As this article from Forbes explains, since the turn of the century, Pantone has picked a colour that reflects the current cultural climate. And the influence each selected colour has in the months that follow is huge and covers all facets of design.

Pantone describe this year’s selection as being a refreshing and revitalising shade that’s symbolic of new beginnings. And weddings are of course all about new beginnings so it’s all quite appropriate.

Back in 2013, Pantone’s colour of the year was Emerald – emblematic of luxury. Greenery though is about the opposite. It’s about tapping into nature and ‘connecting to oneself and others and a higher purpose …’

We mentioned above that, whatever colour Pantone picks, it’s swiftly picked up by the designers. And sure enough the World Wide Web is already awash, or should that be festooned?, with ways in which to incorporate greenery into wedding designs.

Thus with spring and summer being peak wedding time – and a time of the year when nature is at it’s most abundant and … well … green – greenery is everywhere to be seen!

For instance this website in the states wedding decor goes green with 30 Greenery wedding ideas for you to peruse. Nothing escapes the greenery treatment – not even the cake.

Add foliage to your decor to create a fresh up to date look

Shades of gorgeous greenery adds texture and depth to your venue decor

Similarly this 2015 blog – ahead of the times then – lists 10 money-saving ways to use greenery in your wedding décor.

At this point though we feel we should add a note of caution – or at least something you might want to think about and it applies with flowers too.

Masses and masses of foliage may well create the dreamy feel of a fairy bower and look amazing in the process but: there’s a distinct possibility that more than one guest could get sniffy about it. What do we mean? Why, hay fever of course!

A reception room packed to rafters with leaves could be a nightmare for guests that are hay fever sufferers. Atishoo!

However there’s a way round this potentially prickly issue: silk flowers and foliage. In recent years the quality and appearance of silk flowers has improved beyond measure. They are nigh on indistinguishable from the real thing and often more cost-effective. And they have a host of other benefits besides -some of which you can discover here. So when your wedding decor goes green, you ca n sit back and enjoy the festivities, 

Silk Flower Wall Wedding Backdrop

This Silk Flower Wall Backdrop is perfect behind the wedding breakfast table, as a backdrop for the wedding ceremony or cake cutting table

Here at the Fab Gift Boutique we like to think we’re good with ideas and suggestions. So if you’d like to incorporate greenery into your wedding venue décor or alternatively if standing in front of a flower wall is your heart’s desire – do get in touch! We’d be happy to discuss your ideas with you.


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