//How to say ‘I L Y’ without saying it with flowers

How to say ‘I L Y’ without saying it with flowers

I’m referring of course to ‘I love you’ and/or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Both of which will be appropriate sooner rather than later.

Sending roses or other flowers, accompanied perhaps by chocolates and Champagne is a time-honoured way to tell your loved one how much they mean to you. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Tradition is a wonderful thing. But what if you want to do something a bit different? Or you don’t have the budget for price-hiked red roses and expensive dining out? How else can you say it without saying it with flowers?

Send a love letter

How about sending a love letter? You know the thing – written on paper, by hand with a pen – rather than a text message or email. Neither of those are what could be called romantic! Flirty perhaps – romantic – no.

Think about this – not so many years ago love letters were a thing to treasure for ever. They were tied with ribbon and stored in boxes, often being passed down through the generations. Start a modern tradition by sending your loved one a good-old fashioned love letter. It’s exciting recieving post through the door that is not in a brown evenelope.

Or, for a fun yet romantic alternative why not channel your inner castaway and send our personalized message in a bottle? Create a memorable message whatever the occasion. Your sealed message is presented in a gorgeous black gift box.

Different ways to say ‘I Love You’

We all experience love in different ways. Some us need displays of physical affection, others need praise and validation while for some actions speak louder than words. This article in Psychology Today lists 10 different ways to say I love you:

1. Perform random acts of kindness with your partner.

2. Leave coded messages.

3. Do nice things unprompted and for no reason.

4. Do all the little things you did when you were first together.

5. ASK your partner to tell you what you can do – then be sure to do it

6. Be nice to your partner’s friends and family.

7. LISTEN to your lover. Really LISTEN.

8. Have an early night together instead of you staying up late to watch Panorama or whatever it might be.

9. Be spontaneous with hugs and kisses.

10. Give little gifts.

If it’s gifts you’re looking for then obviously you’re in the right place. The Fab Gift Boutique has gift suggestions for every budget and taste, for Valentine’s Day ore other social occasions. Here’s but a small selection:

If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake

Bake your way into your loved one’s heart. The old adage goes ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. But take note chaps: this is the 21st century and the kitchen is no longer the exclusive domain of women.

So how about saying I love you with a freshly-baked muffin? The colours in these white chocolate and raspberry muffins are great for Valentine’s Day. They’ve got muffin on you! Find the recipe here at Itsy Bitsy Foodies.

You say cookie – I say biscuit

Alternatively, still on the theme of tasty treats, how about presenting your paramour with a plate of cookies or biscuits – sweet or savoury? We have a range of cookie cutters in an assortment of romantic shapes. They’re so funky they really take the biscuit! Choose from:

a. A cutter that spells out the word ‘Cupid’

b. A single heart

c. A pair of hearts entwined

Cookie cutter made to hang on a mugOr, if your loved one likes to dunk their biscuit, how about the one below? It produces a biscuit that handily hangs over the rim of their favourite mug. Why not buy the whole set and make a varied plate of biscuity-delectation?

To give you some biscuit baking inspiration here’s a downloadable recipe for both sweet and savoury biscuits. And for something cookie-related this is a Nigella Lawson butter cookie recipe.

The perfect accompaniment to a crisp, savoury biscuit is a perfectly chilled glass of fizz. Even better when served in the perfect flute glass. One just like this pair of elegant, monogrammed Champagne flutes. Cin Cin!

Or if cut crystal is what she likes then this lovely personalised crystal flute and mini Prosecco gift set is a gorgeous way to toast your love. For him meanwhile, how about this handsome, personalised Stern Tankard and beer set?

And finally, for something different to the usual Hallmark card 3D pop up celebration cardoffering how about this 3D POP-UP celebration card?

To see the rest of what we’ve got visit our online store and have a good look round.

However you choose to say I love you and celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Fab Gift Boutique wishes you a wonderful day.



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