///Silk Wedding Bouquet

Silk Wedding Bouquet


A lovely hand tied bouquet composed of a variety of spring and summer flowers…



Silk Wedding  Bouquet
This silk wedding bouquet is composed of a selection of pretty spring and summer flowers in delicate pastels accented with bursts of deep purple. This delightful silk bouquet evokes the joy and playfulness associated with those seasons.

White satin ribbon encases the handle and is finished with a purple French knot design to coordinate with the purple accent in the bouquet.

You’re not however restricted to the colour combination or bouquet style shown here. We will create your bespoke bouquet to reflect the style and colour scheme of your wedding theme.

Today’s silk flowers are indistinguishable from the real thing and offer a number of practical advantages. Your silk wedding bouquet will be as beautiful as any fresh flower bouquet and will last much longer. So why not contact us and find out more about the designs available?


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