///Silk Buttonholes

Silk Buttonholes


Realistic silk flower buttonholes for the groom and your guests can be coordinated with the rest of your wedding or celebration flowers ..



Silk Flower Buttonholes
The buttonholes are created with beautiful silk flowers.  Coordinate them to your wedding or celebration flowers and theme. All ribbons and embellishments  used will also coordinate with the colour scheme chosen

All the buttonholes are supplied with a pearl or crystal headed pin that secures them in place.

You’re not however restricted to the colour combination or bouquet style shown here. We will create your bespoke buttonholes to reflect the style and colour scheme of your wedding theme. We can also add any special keepsakes you may wish to use.

Today’s silk flowers are indistinguishable from the real thing and offer a number of practical advantages. So why not contact us and find out more about the designs available?


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