//Popping the question with a personalised bespoke gift box

Popping the question with a personalised bespoke gift box


Popping the question with a personalised bespoke gift box

Ask with an ‘ask gift’


No, not that question. At this stage that question was asked and you had a  delighted “Yes ” way back. Now you’re planning the big day.

The question we’re talking about here is the ‘asking your friends to be your bridesmaid/best man/groomsman’ one.

Back in the day you’d probably have taken the hoped-for best man or groomsman out for a drink.  In recent years though, a new trend has emerged – that of the ‘ask gift’ or the personalised bespoke gift box.

Duty calls

Think about it. You’re expecting these potential members of the wedding party to take rather a lot on as you travel your wedding planning journey. Their involvement extends beyond the actual day itself. The pre-nuptial duties can include:

  1.         Shopping with you for outfits
  2.          Organising the stage/hen events
  3.         Writing speeches
  4.       Helping with planning

Then there’s the day itself:

  •         Having the ring safely ready
  •        Making speeches
  •         Schmoozing with guests
  •          Escorting and directing guests
  •          Holding your hand when you’re having a mild panic!
  •          Making sure everything is in its place
  •         Liaising with the event stylists if you have one
  •         Liaising with the photographer to get guests in place for photographs
  •         Keeping an eye on younger wedding guests

And much, much more.

It’s a big ask and a lot of responsibility. Which is why the ‘ask gift’ trend is a rather lovely way to show them that you appreciate just what you’re expecting of them. But it can be so much more than that. If you select a personalised gift then they have a lasting memento of the day too.

Cigars will get smoked, beef jerky and nuts will be eaten and soap washed with. So as fun and ‘manly’ a way to pop the ‘your services are required’ question as they are – they’re not a lasting memory.

And the same applies when choosing a female ‘ask gift’. You want your bestie or whoever it personalised giftis you’re asking to be your bridesmaid to remember this day for years to come.

Personalised bespoke gift boxes

But here’s something that hits all the ‘ask gift’ buttons: a gift box that is personalised in and of itself but has a gift within that is also personalised!

One stone: two birds killed!

Choose a bespoke, personalised gift box and you’re halfway there.

There’s plenty of places on the Internet where you’ll find personalised gift boxes in every style and every material imaginable.  But they’re often simply that: a box. You then still have to decide on what you’re going to put in it.

But there’s another way! The Fab Gift Boutique way. We offer the complete package. We offer personalised gift boxes for every member of the wedding party. And you can also personalise the gifts that goes within it.


So, if for instance, you’re buying an ‘ask gift’ for a groomsman. You can choose: personalised gift

  • A white or black box
  • A personalised whisky tumbler  or hi-ball glass– can be personalised over three lines of twenty characters each.
  • A drink and mixer from a selection of four

Now – doesn’t that ring all the (wedding) bells?

Let us know if you have an idea for a bespole gift, we will work our magic and make it happen.

You can contact us by email on info@thefabgiftboutique.com with your thoughts.

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