//How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

You’re engaged! Congratulations. Your loved one has popped the question, you’ve said yes and you’re now sporting a gorgeous ring.
Now you’ve got that sparkler on the 3rd finger of your left hand you’ll want to keep it in tip-top condition – both for your wedding day and throughout your marriage.

So, here’s some top tips for ring care:

1. Insurance
It’s easy to think that insurance is unnecessary and that we never use it so why bother? However, should your sparkler be lost, damaged or stolen, then having an insurance policy will help to soften the blow and finance the replacement or repair of your ring.

2. Resist removing your ring in public
I am always terrified of forgetting my rings on the side of a sink or losing them down the drain while washing my hands in a public bathroom. So I never take them off when I wash my hands in public places.

3. Keeping your rings clean
In our day-to-day activities our rings gather residue from soaps, creams, body oils etc. But a periodic steam clean will remove such residues and return your rings to their former sparkly glory.

4. Protect your rings from harsh chemicals
Stones such as emeralds and sapphires are porous and their lustre can be damaged by harsh chemicals. But, whatever rock you have, wearing gloves when using any chemical products is advisable to protect your ring.

5. Wear and tear on your ring
Diamonds are one of the hardest natural elements. BUT a cut and polished diamond can get chipped so do avoid subjecting your diamond to undue stress and hard knocks.

6. Health check for your Jewellery
The prongs on your rings can become loose with time, so a regular checkup at your jeweller is strongly recommended and will save you the pain of losing your precious stone.

7. Ring envy- Don’t have it
Every girl has an idea of what her dream ring will be like. Once you have your sparkler firmly on your finger, don’t compare your ring to others. Therein madness lie. And anyway, whether it cost £5 or £5000, your ring is a symbol of your love. As such it’s precious and priceless and therefore can’t be surpassed by anyone else’s.

8. And Finally
Once more congratulations on your engagement. Now, enjoy planning your wedding and your own special journey to the alter.
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