//Five ways to put the WOW into your venue decoration

Five ways to put the WOW into your venue decoration

Five Ways to put the WOW into your wedding venue decor without breaking the bank

We all have those fabulous venue decoration ideas for our big day but let’s be realistic here. Big, extravagant, showy displays of flowers, chandeliers, designer lights or whatever it might be that you’ve seen on Pinterest are not going to be a BIT expensive. They’re going to be eye-wateringly, budget-busting expensive.

But don’t worry. There ARE alternatives out there. Options that will give your venue decor some panache without having to resort to donning a balaclava and robbing a bank.

As with having a statement piece of jewellery, handbag or shoes in your wardrobe to give any outfit a lift, your wedding venue needs one standout décor item. One that will blow the socks off your guests. Then they’re not likely to notice any other flaws.

So, if you’ve only got the budget for ONE thing make that the focal point and everything else will fade away.

This article from Inside Weddings.com has some great suggestions so let’s take a look at some of them.

  • A ceremonial arch to take the breath away: If you’re not getting married in a church then a ceremonial archway would make a fab focal point. After all, all eyes are on you and your spouse-to-be for the exchange of vows. And, it will make for picture perfect photographs.

It has the added advantage of making extra flowers along the aisles superfluous.

That said, and as the article points out, ‘you can use the same aisle-lining arrangements for both the ceremony and reception. As long as the flowers get changed over during cocktail hour, no guests will be the wiser.’

Broach bouquet Swindon the Fab Gift BoutiqueThat’s an efficient and economical ploy with the added bonus of having good green credentials.

Substitute fresh flowers for silk and you get extra environmental brownie points.

Discover the benefits of silk flowers and foliage in our blog post.

  • Bring some Hollywood style with a fabulous flower wall: It started with Kim Kardashian. Beyonce picked up the baton and ran with it. Since then the flower wall has become the top trend in wedding décor.

If your eyes are popping at the thought of the cost of a custom made fresh flower wall you can breathe easily. The ideal solution is to hire a silk flower wall.

The Fab Gift Boutique has two sections of flower wall available to hire – either as standalone items or as part of a silk flower wall deluxe venue dressing package. Visit the hire section of our website to find out more about the silk flower wall hire service. 

You can get married in front of it, place it behind the head table or use it as a photo backdrop.

  • Headline the head table: Once the ceremony and photos are done and dusted the next object of your guest’s attention is the top table. So, make this eye-catching and no-one will notice the awful wall paper or 1970s pine cladding.

The flower wall mentioned in point two is one strategy. Another is to have a floral runner going the length of the table and cascading down the front in a curtain of blooms.

  • Do it on the dance floor: create a magical sea of suspended flowers over the dance floor. As with all the other ideas here, silk flowers might turn out to be a cost-effective alternative to fresh flowers. They are a whole bunch easier to look after. And there’s no hay fever worries for your guests.

A floral cascade will transform a room. You can get extra mileage from it if you use the same room for both ceremony and wedding breakfast.

Theme for a dream

Imagine the dream-like atmosphere of saying your vows under swaying blooms then enjoying this particular wow factor again later as your guests dance under it.

  • Choose a Theme : give your décor a theme of some sort to give it style and flair. There are two ways to do this –
  1. Create a narrative. Let’s suppose you both love to travel. Well a theme to make Jules Verne green with envy is simple enough to do by hiring suitable decorative elements. A heap of old suitcases here, a globe there, some travel books will do the trick. Add a cake formed as suitcases and Around the World in Eighty Days you can go.

But of course, you’re only limited in this by your imagination.

  1. A cohesive theme based around 2/3 complementary colours: Rather than telling an obvious narrative you could choose to theme your venue in an abstract way using colour.

For the sake of argument let’s say you want a ‘Moody Blues’ feel to your décor. How might you achieve that?

Your venue decor ideas could include a silk flower wall which will allow you to change some of the flowers or add colours to match your theme. You could then opt for a dramatic midnight blue cake.     

Carry the theme through in bouquets and button holes for a co-ordinated and cohesive décor. One that’ll have your guests taking a sharp intake of breath without perhaps knowing why.

Collaboration has many benefits and recently we had fun getting together with other wedding professionals. The aim was to set up a styled photo shoot to show off our wares. Our venue was the Limpley Stoke Hotel near Bath and this blog post ‘Perfect in Pink’ shows the results. It’s the perfect illustration of what we’re talking about. 

If you’re planning your wedding, or other special celebration, and you want to give some oomph to the venue decoration without selling the family silver then why not contact us? You can have a FREE and no-obligation chat to bounce ideas round. So come chat to us!

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