//Find the perfect wedding dress for your body type

Find the perfect wedding dress for your body type

Every girl wants to find the perfect wedding dress for her body shape so she looks her best on her wedding day.

But, while no one has the perfect physique everyone has some body bits that are more attractive than others.

So here’s a guide to showing off your best bits and hiding the rest with the perfect dress shape for you!

The first thing to do then is identify your body shape. That sorted select first the dress shape best suited to you and then the best neckline.

This isn’t definitive though. Think guidelines not road lines and have fun on your dress shopping expeditions.

The body shape

Infographic to help you define your body shape and then the perfect dress

Use our handy infographic to help you with your dress search.

Hourglass: This figure type has a balanced bust and hips and a well- defined waist. 

Pear shape: With this body type the hips are wider than the shoulders, the waist is defined and arms and shoulder are proportionately slim.

The Triangle: Triangles are wider on the top half of the body, have a wide back, narrow hips and a subtle waist. 

Apple: As voluptuous as a juicy apple itself this figure type is appropriately named. It has a full bust, a tummy and round bum/hips. 

Athletic/slim: This figure type is straight up and down with an undefined waistline.

So what goes with what?

Match your body shape to it's weddiing dress style

Match your body shape to it’s wedding dress style


Here’s a rundown of the styles of dresses available and the shape they tend to suit the best.

Fishtail or Trumpet Styles are best suited to an hourglass figure. Either of these will love your curves and show them off to heavenly perfection.

Best avoided if you’re pear shaped as it draws attention to your lower half.

Sheath or Column Dresses suit ladies with a tall, slim shape. The simple lines of this dress type are also good for adding height to petite brides.

Best avoided if you’re apple or pear shaped with their nasty habit of emphasizing bumps and lumps.

Tea Length: lovely for an apple shaped figure. This pretty style accentuates the waistline and flatters calves – particularly if elongated by killer hills.

 Best avoided if you’re short, as it does tend to shorten the legs.

 Drop Waist dresses are super for an athletic or slim shape. A 1920s flapper style is heaven sent for your figure.

Best avoided if you’ve got an hourglass figure with large hips. Instead go for a style that shows off to perfection your enviably tiny waist.

The Ball Gown is well suited to a pear shape. The layers of fabric below the waist balance you out and flatter and disguise larger hips. Be terrific in tulle with this dress style.

For brides with an athletic figure this style can also work well but go for a corset with ruching or other embellishment to create an impression of a fuller chest.

Best avoided by petite brides: all that fabric will simply swamp you.

The Empire Line is a perfect style for you petite ladies. The high waistline gives the impression of legs that go on forever.

It’s also a good option for pear shaped brides as it will highlight the smallest part of your body.

Best avoided if you’re tall. Sorry but you’ll end up looking like a Teepee

A-Line – this one is well suited to a triangle shape. It’s a popular cut for good reason: it’s one of the best there is for streamlining silhouettes and giving you a taller and slimmer appearance. Where the bias cut is utterly unforgiving this one is the opposite.

Best avoided if you’re somewhat boyish up above as the volume below your waist will have the effect of making your chest look even smaller.

Now to the neckline

Every Dress has a prefect neckline for the style

Decide which neckline suites you.

Whether you want your dress to be a figure-fixer or to make a serious sartorial statement it’s the neckline that gets you noticed.

For pear shaped or small-busted brides an asymmetric or one-shouldered gown will pack a dramatic punch.

A high neckline, on the other hand, oozes elegance when on tall, athletic figures. 

Broad shoulders? No problem. A plunging V-neckline provides a perfect disguise and is more up-to-date than the sweetheart neckline – another good disguiser of broad shoulders.

A strapless gown will elongate the silhouette of petite brides while a halterneck is a great to add curves to the smaller-busted brides.

Have fun shopping to find the perfect dress for you, one that you will love and make you feel like a princess. 

Once you’ve found your perfect dress, you may want to read this blog  The Bridal Buddy, a great little gadget that will save the day when nature calls!

Happy reading and let us know what you think. Will you be getting one for your wedding day?

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