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Father’s Day

Father’s Day

How it started and some gift suggestions

In similar style to Mothering Sunday, and the American Mother’s Day, there’s several explanations as to how Father’s Day came into being.

Early History of Father’s Day

According to Wikipedia, a day for celebrating fatherhood existed in Catholic Europe at least as far back as the Middle Ages. Observed on the 19th of March, that day goes by the name of St Joseph’s Day.

Known as the feast of St Joseph, that day is observed on the 19th March. The Spanish and the Portuguese took that celebration to America. In Latin America, fathers are still celebrated on that date.

The Modern Father’s Day

You won’t be at all surprised to know that there’s more than one explanation for the Father’s Day that we know in June. Unlike our original Mothering Sunday which originated here, both Father’s Day stories have their roots in the USA.

Sonora Smart Dodd

According to Live Science.Com, in May 1909, one Sonara Smart Dodd from Spokane (Washington) sat in church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. That sermon planted the idea of designating a day to her father, William Jackson Smart. Her mother had died in childbirth so her father, a veteran of the American Civil war took on the raising of the new-born baby and its five other siblings.

Dodd had it in mind to celebrate Father’s Day on June 5th, her father’s birthday and petitioned the city to recognize it. Needing more time to organize festivities, the mayor of Spokane pushed the date back by a fortnight. Thus, June 19th, 1910 saw the first Father’s Day.

Making Father’s Day official was a long time coming. Although President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential Father’s Day proclamation in 1966, it took until 1972 for it to be a permanent holiday. That’s when President Richard Nixon signed the required public law.

Grace Golden Clayton

Another theory however has Grace Golden Clayton of Fairmount, Virginia as being responsible for Father’s Day.

As this article in The Sun online suggests, this how the story goes:

In 1908, Grace, an orphan, lobbied her local Methodist ministers to start a church service in honour of fathers. Her inspiration for this notion arose from a mining disaster that killed 362 local men. The accident left more than 1000 children orphaned. Grace wanted to pay tribute to the fathers of these children as well as her own.

Father’s Day gifts

So now you now all the why and wherefores of how we came to be celebrating Father’s Day. But have you given any thought to this year’s gift for your dad or the figure that represents your dad?

Medium and Small Size Tie Cookie Cutters

Tie Cookie Cutter

A common gift for Father’s Day is a tie. Now we haven’t got any ties but how about baking him some tie-shaped biscuits with this brilliant tie-shaped biscuit cutter?

Nothing says ‘I love you dad’ better than home-made baked goods. And we have a great range of unusual cookie cutters to fit just about every interest.


Batman Shaped Cookie \ Biscuit CutterFor comic book fans there’s the Batman symbol and Thor’s hammer. For a DIY dad there’s a regular hammer with a beer shaped biscuit to go with it. There’s also a vintage car, a sports car, a rugby ball and a surf board. Oh, and not forgetting the moustache and beard shaped cookie cutter for the hirsute dad or uncle. Why not buy a selection to give him a plate full of edible smiles?

One for a new daddy

Help I created a monster t-shirt and baby grow, The Fab Gift Boutique If you know a new daddy then this co-ordinating, personalised ‘Help I created a monster’ T-shirt for daddy and Babygro for junior will raise a smile. Fashioned from 100% super soft cotton, this fun set will be soft on the skin of your little softy and your big softy.

Other personalised gifts

We also have a range of gifts for a chap – some of them you can personalise to make them extra special. This whisky tumbler and miniature set for example. Or for a golfing dad how about a personalised golf ball? Then, when he’s next in the rough, he’ll know exactly which ball is his.

To check out our full range of gifts visit our on-line shop.

Wishing dads everywhere a great Father’s Day.

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