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The Fab Gift Boutique Supports St Thomas’ Lupus Trust

Lupus is a disease in which the immune system becomes overactive and attacks itself. It can affect any organ of the body and because the symptoms can be so diverse including fatigue, rashes, allergies and kidney failure, it is called the ‘great mimic.’
Due to the diversity of symptoms, patients can suffer for years before being correctly diagnosed. Lupus affects 30,000 people in the UK.
It is also important to note that Lupus is a genetic disease and cannot be caught.
To support St Thomas’ Lupus Trust, The Fab Gift Boutiques has launched The Butterfly Wonder Box. A gift box containing fabulous gifts, some relating to butterflies (A butterfly is St Thomas’ Lupus Trust symbol) St Thomas’ Butterflies
10% of the profit from the sale of the gift boxes will be donated to the St Thomas’s Lupus Trust

How You Can Help
You too can be part of the St Thomas’ Lupus Awareness Month
During the month of October you can Put On Purple (POP)
Take a photo to put on facebook and/or tweet to let people know you’re spreading lupus awareness.
Nominate your family/friends to join you – we need lots of people having fun popping!
Once you’ve done it please consider giving a small donation to our lupus research by texting the word FEOL77 followed by the donation amount to 70070. i.e. FEOL77 £2.

How to Donate to the St Thomas’s Lupus Trust
The researchers use thoudands of test tube each year abd hve to pay for each one. A test tube cost £1 each.
Your donations can start from £1 and be as much as you want to give.
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The text is free to send and St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust
receives 100% of the donation!
You will be able to add Gift Aid at no extra cost.

You can also continue the support by buying
a Lupus Awareness Wristband to help
raise funds for much needed
research equipment you can buy a wrist band

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Lupus Awareness Wristband
The Wristbands cost £1 and make great acessories

We look forward to you joining us to have fun while supporting an organisation that produces tangible results.

Thank You and see you soon
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St. Thomas’ Lupus Trust is a registed Charity 1152707