//Don’t tussle with the tulle: get a bridal buddy!

Don’t tussle with the tulle: get a bridal buddy!

It’s finally here – the day you said yes to the dress! A big sigh of relief is heaved and a juicy tick is marked on your extensive to-do list.

Now – fast forward to your wedding day and you’ve said ‘Yes’ to the love of your life.

Fast fast forward again and you’ve quaffed a few celebratory glasses of Champagne. But then the inevitable: nature calls and you need to visit the bathroom.

In most bridal gowns answering the call of nature is no mean feat. It requires a small army of assistants to help you manoeuvre your way into that tiny cubicle and hoist all that tulle or satin out of the way. The indignity of it!

Many brides have encountered this delicate difficulty. But now there’s a need to plait your legs no more.

I recently came across this nifty idea and had to tell you about it. It made me laugh I admit but actually it’s not a bad idea. Hence I’m sharing it with you.

Bringing relief to beleaguered brides everywhere is the Bridal Buddy. Simply slip it under your wedding dress and you’re good to go – literally.

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