//Adding Ambience to your Venue Styling

Adding Ambience to your Venue Styling

Ambience Venue Styling – adding some to yours

Ambience venue styling we hear you say. So then. You’ve found your perfect venue in terms of location and grounds and exterior appearance. Everything about is great but …. the but being that the room where the ceremony and/or reception is to take place just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Ambience venue styling - Ways to disguise an ugly room or featureIt’s the right size and the right shape and it has some attractive features but you can’t stand the fireplace or the wallpaper makes you shudder or clashes with your colour scheme. Or perhaps it’s a plain room or empty shell lacking in atmosphere that needs some texture and interest adding to it.

Here’s a few suggestions on how to add ambience venue styling.

  1. Disguising wallpaper you don’t like or adding interest to a plain room

Draping can be the way forward in this situation. Draping tends to be done with white pleated cloth arranged loosely over or around certain features.

There’s lots of different types of draping. The range runs from marquee style draping which involves draping the whole room, to pillar draping, roof canopy draping and room dividers.

Up-lighting used with white draping ups the ambience venue styling ante no end. Particularly if it incorporates your colour palette. That’s a gorgeous and subtle way to bring a scheme together.

For extra sparkle a star cloth backdrop behind the top table makes for a fairy tale atmosphere. We think this is a lovely idea for a winter wedding. Fairylights and winter go together like – well love and marriage?

  1. Hiding a fireplace or ugly corner

Ambience venue styling - Flower wall from The Fab Gift Boutique based in SwindonA strategically placed flower wall can work wonders to hide a non-too attractive fireplace or corner. The Fab Gift Boutique has a super silk flower wall available to hire.

  1. Fairylights

As mentioned above a wall of fairy lights behind voile or net is pretty and romantic. Ditto when combined with a floaty roof canopy.

But there’s lots of other ways to use them too.

Stuff them in glass vases, bowls or lanterns for the tables or group them together in corners, on tables, or in fireplaces. You can hire most or all of these items to stretch the budget.

  1. Candles and Tea Lights by the dozen

Draping can look divine yes. But chances are it’s not a budget item. So what you can do if you’re on a tight budget?

Nothing says ambiance and hygge quite like candles and tea-lights do. The Scandinavians know a thing or two about creating atmosphere and ambience!

When the daughter of a friend of mine got married in a well-known hotel chain, she hated the wallpaper in the room. There wasn’t the budget for draping and all such things and they were having their wedding ceremony at tea-time. It was winter so was going to be dark.

Her solution to disguising the dreadful décor and putting the focus where she wanted it, on her and her groom, was simple yet inspired and effective. She went to Ikea and bought LOADS of clear glass tea-light votives and tea-lights.

She then arranged them in multiple rows behind the table where the registrar was going to be. With the lights dimmed and all the tea-lights glowing a wonderful, warm romantic atmosphere was created.

It cost hardly anything and did the job. The frightful wallpaper receded into the shadows and all the congregation saw was the bride and groom bathed in flickering candlelight.

Ambience venue styling - Create soft lighting with candles and glass jars You don’t even have to buy votives to copy this idea. You could save up clear glass coffee jars – the kind that double up as storage jars. They’d work well for something like this.

Got a bit more cash to splash? Then hire and/or buy lots of lanterns of different sizes and put candles or tea-lights in them. Arrange them in groups around the room, or place them in fireplaces. This too is a stylish, effective and cost-effective technique to up the ambience levels in your venue styling with minimum outlay.

We hope this post has given you some food for thought on achieving ambiance venue styling for your big day.

We’re always happy to chat and bounce ideas around so why not get in touch? You can contact us at info@thefabgiftboutique.com  or on 07511 842 451


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